Katarina (Vuksanović) Alempijević

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Born in Čačak in 1977. She attended A rt School „Đorđe Krstić“ in Niš, and graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Belgrade in 2000, Department of Painting, with Professor Zoran Vuković. Afterwards, in 2003, she completed her postgraduate studies in Drawing with Professor Anđelka Bojović. She lives and works as free-lance artist in Čačak.

She is a member of the Association of Serbian Artists.

She spent some time in Cité Internationale Des Artes in Paris in 2009, while studying. Her first solo (and also master’s) exhibition was in 2003, in Belgrade (and several followed), then in Čačak, Kotor, Zrenjanin, Niš, Prague, Paris.

In the Zepter  Gallery her works were seen at the exhibition: KATAR INA V UKSANOV IĆ − First solo exhibition − Gardens, March 20 to April 21, 2003, extended through April 28.

Since 1994 she has taken part in numerous national and international group exhibitions (Serbia, Canada, China, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Mexico)

She has received several awards.

Her works can be found in private collections.

The exciting contact of Body and Flower, wrote Bojana Burić, occupied the attention of the young artist and instigated her search for the essential and symbolic meaning of that relationship. Gardens grew from such conceptual preoccupations. By reducing the drawing of, primarily female body, to the pure contour, to linear arabesque, like a plan for the future garden of pleasure, Katarina enlivens it pictorially, adding the element of nature found in a floral atlas. The Flower as the carrier of colorific seduction underlines the sensuality of the scene. Purified composition with fragments of the Body and floral elements emanate harmony growing from the artist’s intention to perform in her work „divesting herself to pure emotion and her drawing to pure line“.

Since her first solo exhibition Katarina has changed her surname and the former Vuksanović replaced with Alempijević

In the series of works called MARE IMBRIUM (THE SEA OF RAINS) comprised of 28 light boxes / wooden frames with the glass surface lighted from inside representing the disk of the full Moon, rabbits appear playing, chasing each other, intermingling in the ornament, Katarina explored the relationship of the real and archetypal, mythical, lineal, imaginary or dreamt, and seeks the plastic expression of their harmonization. (The exhibition MARE IMBRIUM, SULUJ Gallery, Belgrade 2008)

Working in series, the artist presented her cycles LINEA ALBA I-II at the Commercial Gallery “Beograd”, in September 2013, and in Čačak, in the Art Gallery “Nadežda Petrović”, in November and December 2013, she added a new segment of LINEA ALBA III. By evoking the motif from the beginning of her career, Katarina Alempijević changes her plastic expression. Instead of a former reduced flatness and arabesque lineality, her motifs enter the space – and become really three-dimensional. She still uses the line but the drawing is made by incisions with knife into white paper. Ten identical silhouettes of female body in real size are filled with the network of drawings impelling different associations (LINEA ALBA I).

In the cycle called LINEA ALBA II the artist continues the thematic problematization of “woman, a being of secrets and weaknesses, with her filigree subtlety. The miniature paper objects – little dresses in wardrobes – become metaphors of the purity of absence and the quality of silence.” The segment LINEA ALBA III, an installation of three hanging objects (female dress with ornaments) – made from white paper – supplements the conceptual and visual notion. One should seek in it, it seems, primarily the aesthetic value, since in front of these works nobody can stay indifferent.

2013. LINEA ALBA I-II, Prodajna galerija „Beograd“

          LINE ALBA I-II-III, Umetnička galerija „Nadežda Petrović“, Čačak

2009, As If, Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris

2009, Scents; silence, Polish Institute, Prague, Chec Republic

2008, Mare Imbrium, Gallery SULUJ (Free Association of Visual Artists of Yugoslavia), Belgrade

2008, Gallery of contemporary visual arts, Show room 77, Niš, Serbia

2007, As If, Graphic collective, Belgrade, Serbia

2004, Contemporary gallery, Zrenjanin, Serbia

2004, Gallery old town, Kotor, Montenegro

2003, Artistic show room of Culture house, Čačak

2003, Gardens, Gallery Zepter, Belgrade, Serbia



2009, Repurchase award of Ministry of culture of Republic of Serbia for small size graphics

2007, Repurchase award of Ministry of culture of Republic of Serbia for small size graphics

2003, III prize of IX Biennale Milena Pavlović Barilli

2000, Repurchase award of Gallery of contemporary visual arts in Niš

1996, Small seal of Graphic circle of Niš



2005, National finalist of Europian art award for drawing  Henkel Art Award

2000,  Won Norwegian Royal scolarship for the best students in Serbia



2002, Mural in Didimotichon, Greece

1999, Mosaic on the wall of the building of Faculty of Visual Arts in Belgrade

From Cycle MAP OF TENDER FEELINGS  (digital prints)