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     Despite insufficient space for exhibiting and a relatively large number of works in our depots, the ZEPTER MUSEUM regularly expands its collection with new artworks. It shows the acquisitions and gifts in the beginning of each calendar year at exhibitions entitled ACQUISITIONS IN ....

     After the show, some works enter the permanent display and some are sent into depots. However, these are not forgotten because they are occasionally exhibited in the Museum gallery space and while in the depots they can be seen in our publications and our website www.zeptermuseum.rs

     Among the new names, whose artworks have entered the Museum collection, are Sanja Momčilović and Dušan Stipić Dudwarszky, postgraduates of the Faculty of visual arts in Belgrade and Milorad Mića Stajčić, an already established artist. In the collection there are new works of already represented artists from last year in the ZEPTER MUSEUM: Radivoje Đurović, Stefan Mirosavić, Milija Nešić, Radomir Knežević Knez, Dragan Stanković and Milan Stašević.